I had a reading by Angel, a few actually. Totally awesome. Many if not most of my questions were answered, and to my satisfaction. She has helped me achieve some of my goals and has pointed me in the direction to obtain the rest. I would highly recommend her to everyone. A friend from Australia even had one and I believe she thoroughly enjoyed it. Even had an Energy Healing by Angel, helped tremendously :)

Grant Saunders

I have had readings done by Angel as well as healings. She really excels with teaching me to communicate with my animals and her healing sessions are amazing!!! She has helped me to take a deeper look at the way I look at my life's path. Thank you so much for your help , you do great things!!! and I appreciate this greatly!!!!
Nancy Doner


When you heard that I was interested in receivi
ng these rites, you planned your family vacation so you could come all the way to New Brunswick to give them to me!!!  Talk about going above and beyond!   The experience of the rites was something we will never forget, you have opened an entirely new world to us and for that we are extremely thankful.  In addition to being a phenomenal teacher and support system you have become a 'sister' in the purest form.... I will cherish your friendship forever!  

Carol Kent


Just wanted to share how much I have appreciated your insights, readings and workshops over this past year. You have given me hope, where none existed. Wisdom to stir the mind and soul and support feeling your genuine care and friendship.
In Love and Light Diane Frith


Hey Angel,
Thank you!

In mid July I was one of many that took part in the Munay-Ki, Foundation Rites with Angel. While participating in the ceremony, I felt a great sense of peace, love and tranquility, it was also an entire cleansing of  my mind, body and soul. Since completing the foundations rites, I have become more aware of my surroundings  and have a higher confidence in myself  and what I do. Angel is a fantastically beautiful woman, and for myself it is always an honour and pleasure to be able to either chat with her briefly, have a reading, or start another journey as I did with the Munay-Ki.

Janette Woodruff

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