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Helping globally to release the past, embrace the present and realize the future.

Something special for  people and pets!

1 hour reading $100.00 

by  December 24, 2020 

(purchased reading valid  until dec. 2021)



...empowerment, connection, closure, fun.

This is what psychic, intuitive and spirit readings

will bring to your life. 

Globally renowned psychic, Angel Morgan, is highly sought after for her years of experience, compassion, and accuracy. A medium, Clairvoyant, animal communicator, and energetic expert, she connects deeply to the earth and all those of the light that wish to come through for private clients and audiences around the world. 


We all have questions...

The answers are there for us to know. There are no secrets in the universe, all we need is the courage to ask the questions.


Being able to connect to our higher selves, loved ones, spirits, angels and any of those who come from the light helps us know we are not alone. There is guidance for us. Through this guidance, we can find closure and enrich our lives

and the lives around us.

Most find their experience is far richer than anticipated. They receive deep, meaningful, healing, and empowering information that goes beyond seeing the future.  



Personal Readings

Petting a White Cat

Animal Services


Rock in Sand

Energy Healing

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Let Me Be Candid

About Who We Are



It's as easy

as we

make it

Angel Offers...


...Office, at home, or a virtual environment for people and pets,

that is relaxed, comfortable, and easy.

Easily accessible...

...Each in-office session with Angel is done at her space in Toronto.  Easily accessible, with a safe, private atmosphere creating

a warm, memorable, and inspiring experience.

During COVID Appointments will only be done virtually via Phone,

Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, FB messenger, and Instagram.

As accurate as in-office readings...

...Virtual sessions are offered to both local

and international clients who wish to read from the comfort

of their own home or accommodate a busy lifestyle.

Whether it is your first time sitting with a reader, or something that you

do on a regular or yearly basis, readings with Angel will encourage

a better understanding of any situation, give validation,

confirmation, and direction.

Your booking experience...

...Is simple. Our staff gives you the option of booking online directly, choosing a date, time, and form of payment. However, if you prefer, you can also email us for an appointment with Angel. We try to get our clients in as soon as possible to accommodate them and in some cases because of the time-sensitive nature of a situation. 

Closeup of a Black Dog


— Sandy Wright

Akron, Ohio

"Angel has always been accurate

in what she sees and feels with my horse Ben  and has always given us great readings.

Pet Pals and Angel

Pet Pals and Angel

— Angela Himmeroder,

Midland, Ontario

"I would highly recommend anyone that has lost a furry family member to see Angel."

Angel loves her animals...

...Of all species and gives them a voice to express their feelings on a deep, meaningful level, having fun, and in some cases heal during and after the end of life care.  


In times of Pet pal transition, the utmost compassion

and care are required. Angel is well versed in working with veterinarians, trainers, families, and pet pal siblings who are grieving during these times. 


Animal communications can also be transformational for any animal who is working. Racehorses, compassion animals, farm animals,

service animals and rescues, whether they are coming from

a shelter or reserve.   

Angel's experiences are well documented in articles and on

social mediaHer animal service work has been rewarding and continues to enrich the lives of all those around her both human and animal. 

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Let Angel connect to your pet and aid in behavioural issues, end of life care, rescue situation or just to know what's on your

pet pals mind!

and don't forget to check out our Kids Corner!

Through Media...

Through media, Angel reaches a wide range of people. She loves her time being on television, radio, and now online with her new show "My Show ". With on-air and live appearances she is able to give back to so many.

The Night Side

THE NIGHT SIDE Listen to Angel, The psychic every first Friday with host Barb Diguilio from 9-945pm and get your psychic reading! Next Appearance: Jun. 5 July 3 Aug. 7


MY SHOW A Facebook live show where you can learn and talk about everything psychic and energetic. Sit live with Angel and her guests Every Tuesday at 1pm

Raising Energy On Rogers

RAISING ENERGY ON ROGERS TV Live audience readings with Angel Morgan!

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Mypsychiclifestyle.com is a lifestyle blog about living your psychic land intuitive lifestyle....It's not what you think.


FEATURED ARTICLES Angel is Featured in articles by some of Canada's top bloggers, papers and social media influencers!


Mypsychiclifestyle.com PODCAST about everything energetic from parenting to fashion and how to be your authentic self.

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Mypsychiclifestyle.com is a lifestyle blog about living your psychic land intuitive lifestyle....It's not what you think.

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