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Raising Energy On Rogers tv




Raising Energy is a 1 hour live audience, interactive experience that is in its 5th successful season!


Host, psychic and animal communicator Angel Morgan and her crew create a fun, fast paced show in which she brings through messages from loved ones, connects with animals, guides, angels, empowers, and heals through these amazing spirit connections.


For over 5 seasons Angel has worked with amazing people and has grown a wonderful following of regular viewers and audience members in the Greater GTA. Our show has proudly aired in Georgina, Toronto, Durham region, Orangeville, and can be seen online at We are now setting our sights on expanding our horizons and viewership.


RaisingEnergy is a unique mix of mediumship, animal communications, inspiration, guidance, and Angel work. On her show, Angel talks about what it's really like to be psychic and helps viewers and audience members harness their own creative and intuitive abilities..


Through psychic readings and the sharing of the traditions that come from her teachers and elders from Peru, Africa, Japan, and First Nations, Angel brings the spirit world to life in so many ways that have been rarely seen by audiences and viewers.





In 2014 Angel Morgan was asked to perform live to an audience of 300 people at the Stephen Leacock theatre. From there she was invited to talk to Station Manager,  Jim Anderson, of Rogers tv Georgina who gave her the opportunity to host her own show, Raising Energy. She began to share messages from the beyond and spread the knowledge that we are all psychic, and that our intuitive abilities need only to be addressed and acknowledged. Shortly after she was invited to be a recurring guest on the Night Side with Newstalk 1010 where she is still making live monthly appearances as Angel, the psychic. 


Her 20 plus years in various genres of media give her the tools to bring messages to the masses in ways that are relatable, caring, compassionate, unique and fun.





Angel believes there is something to learn in every message that is received, every teaching that is shared and that by being a part of your viewing audience the lives of so many will be touched and changed.

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