Blessings from Kwan Yin

There was a time when I doubted my abilities, I doubted that the work I did could actually be spirit working through me…

Many energy workers ask the question….what makes me so special? As mundane as it may seem, the answer is, we are all special. Our gifts are accessible to everyone. We as energy workers have chosen to hone our connection to that which we cannot see, and live through feel. However, no matter how much work we do with the intangible we are raised and nurtured in a society that tells us that unless we can touch, taste, smell, hear or see it, it cannot possibly exist. This is a conditioned belief that can be hard to let go of no matter how experienced the practitioner is, or how long they have been playing with energy.

My journey into the knowing, as I call it, a life with little or no doubt in the existence of the intagible started 9 months ago, at the beginning of 2014. It was hard and amazing all at the same time.

I was in an exceptionally abusive relationship which I thought I was holding together with love. I didn’t realize that fear and old family patterns are what really kept me there. Like many people I was afraid that I was not capable of caring for my child or myself and that i had to make the marriage work no matter what the cost.

On a dark January morning I woke up, and having enough, I begged a beautiful buddhist deity that I had just started working with to help me. I told her I was ready to find happiness and I didn’t care what it took. I needed my child and I to have peace and that we deserved it. In that moment a wash of energy came over me and I remember whispering into the empty room “O no, what have I done” .

Within a week of that petition our whole family seemingly fell apart and I left with my child. Friends opened up their home and their hearts to us. We stayed with them until I petitioned kwan yin once again. This time, it was for a home. I placed a bowl of white rice at the feet of a small statue that was gifted to me by a friend. I then took a candle and placed it in the bowl and sat down in front of my simple little Kwan Yin alter. I wrote down very specifically what I wanted in a home. I didn’t even know if I wanted a house or an apartment so I wrote either or. I was soooo specific that I thought there was no possible way for me to receive what I wanted, but I was happy to get anything at that point, as long as it was ours to start a new life with. I asked for a spectacular landlord, great tenants, a good location near a school, and of course that it be a very specific dollar amount so I could afford it.

Within three days a gentleman called me and we went to see a home that was up the street from where we were staying. It was an older home that had 6 units in it. Ours was to be the biggest one in the main section. It was an apartment in a house!!! It was great! And it was exactly the amount I had asked for!!!!!!! It was beautiful and so were the people that lived there. Everything I had asked for and more was given to us without question.

We lived there for 6 months exactly. In that time I had been shown by many psychic friends and professionals alike that someone special was coming for me. This man was the same one that was predicted for me 15 years before. Each had the same description, each said that things would happen quickly with us.

In May I again went to Kwan Yin and asked her for the next part of our lives to begin and if this man was to be a part of it to send him to us. I was guided to give my notice at our safe little home on June 1rst, no later. I was scared and had no where planned for a new residence. On June 1rst I remember sitting in front of my lap top and thinking “this is crazy, I could just as well do this for Sept. 1rst and give notice in July” all I kept hearing was a huge cozmic “are you nuts!!!!????” so I clicked the send button and began the next leg of my journey.

I didn’t start my search until july, thinking I had plenty of time find something suitable for us. It wasn’t until the beginning of July that I began to search ads. I came home to a call I had missed. eagerly I called it back thinking it may be a client or hopefully a potentially living space. I was told by the person on the other line that he had never called me but indeed had a home for rent. As odd as the situation seemed it turned out in that brief conversation that my potential landlord and I had a lot in common.

The next morning I was guided once again. I was to wear a particular necklace that I had owned but only wore once in the time I had it. When I got to our potential new home I was greeted by a handsome young man. standing behind him was his father….the man predicted for me 15 years ago and for the 6 months I had been on my journey with Kwan Yin.

As I moved through the house, carefully inspecting it I noticed in the office area a musical instrument whose keys matched exactly the stone I was wearing around my neck. This was what made realize without doubt this whole arranged meeting was a gift from Kwan Yin.

By August many things had blossomed, my career, my friendships, and mostly my new romance. as fast as it seemed I had been waiting for this person for 15 years and began to realize that magick does exist. Magick is real. Each morning I wake up and I have no doubts as hear my child go down stairs happily and let out our new puppy. Each morning I wake up to the voice of someone who cares about not only me but about life.

All of this came from Kwan Yin. Mother of compassion, she who protects the mothers and children.

To make sure I got the point that the universe in all of its divinity exists I was taken to Niagara falls with my child on a spontaneous trip. Here we found that on the north end of town there lay a buddhist temple… to Kwan Yin. We ventured in and thanked her. Tears welling in my eyes I recognized the poignant opportunity to give my heart to one who protected us, loved us, gave us shelter and found a new family for us.

This whole journey has taught me that each and everyone of us has access to wonderful spirits like Kwan Yin. Creator exists and all we have to do is ask and then allow ourselves to be led. My rule of thumb has always been, as long as you are not hurting yourself or others do as you please.

Kwan Yin has given me a new life and energy to do just that. I thank her for it each day in my every action, thought and movement. Its not difficult, its easy.

As new agey as it sounds every culture that preaches love is correct, has always been correct and this will always be the correct way to manifest, live and thrive in this and every lifetime.

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