Good Morning World!

I have to say I do love my life!


Because inside I know that no matter what happens my life will give me the wonderful learnings that I need each day. Whether they are good or perceived bad. I will get that which makes me grow and flourish and be the most wonderful me I can be!!!!


So that above statement can make some people cringe.........

Its seems and sounds like syrup. Its full of love, light and joyful bliss. Some people can't handle that.

I wake up most mornings and sing things like "Good morning Star shine" I hug my cats, say hello to the snake and listen to my son mumble under his breath....o brother!


he has every right to.

shocking to say this? well, first off not everyone is a morning person and there is nothing more irritating I am learning then having a bundle of high energy hitting a lack a dayzickle one trying to slowley come to life with the sunrise. its like accidentally dropping a plate in a moment of complete silence.

On the contrary I have woken up day in and day out for years to the sound of the news on the radio or television as I approach the kitchen of my then home. For a positive penny like me this can be as jarring as "Do you want to build a snow man" (a more popular tune from the kids now classic Frozen) for the slow waker upper!

I bring this up from an energetic perspective. In whatever state we start our mornings, is the state our day will unfold by.

In other words, if you have peace in your wake up routine then peace you shall find throughout your day. Activity leads to an active day. It is accumulative. The energy of each day will play on last. If an alarm that is mellow is necessary to start your good morning rituals, then the harsh buzzing or your wife or hubby's cell phone clock going off may be something that warrants a bit of discussion.

Like wise our night rituals are equally important. The time we go to bed and that which we do before it are vitally important to how we sleep and what we may be like when we wake up.

Tv before bed. A true Feng Shui no no especially if the tv is in the bedroom. no electronics in the place of sleep is best. EMF's (electro magnetic field) or energy the tv puts off still seeps even when it has been laid to rest for the night . It is also a proven fact that turning off all electronics an hour before sleep takes us into a calmer more peaceful dream state.

But some people feel they need to have the loud buzz of the alarm or cannot sleep without seeing that last episode of weeds on Netflix.

So how do you find compromise?

That's the key to any happy home. There are several ways.

1. Tv or radio goes on at an agreed upon time in the morning as is the melodic tunes of the snow whites of the home.

2. Slow getter uppers may get a few more minutes sleep to allow for those in the house who are wanna be disney characters to express themselves quietly before all others awaken from their slumber.

3. Tv and radios go off at night at a certain time or there is a place in the house outside the bedroom that the night owls can enjoy that one last episode of american dad.

4. tv and technology off 1 hour before bedtime (this has been proven to help in aiding a more peaceful sleep).

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