Are Psychics Legitimate


That can very much be a legitimate answer. And I am a psychic.

The reality is most psychics that have neon signs in their windows the read “Psychic” in big pink and yellow letters , or work for any company with a 1-900 number is to be questioned.

Worst place to find a psychic… a psychic fair.

I have spent my life fearing anyone branding me as a fake, snake oil salesman or imposter. The truth is most psychics have that fear. Its why many of them don’t read publicly. They keep their gifts to themselves or read for only friends and family.

Many so called psychics will use leading techniques, ask many questions and garnish information from clients and then claim it as their own. Some will prey on people who need guidance so desperately they will believe anything, or those whose lives have are in turmoil.

For me quiet and stillness is the everything. I try to keep clients from saying much. they can ask questions but are asked to keep them simple. My favourite little thing to do is start reading people as soon as they come in. No hello or how are you, just information and specifics. I love the expression on peoples faces. I do this partly to impress them (yes, we all have a bit of ego) but mainly to open them up, get them to trust me, show them I am legit.

If I do get a piece of info wrong I admit it, or ask my guides to show me why the info was presented the way it was. Readers are not perfect, but they have to be able to do one thing. at some point in the reading say something specific. Something they cannot know about.

Legitimate readers rarely go to psychic fairs. They don’t need to. They know that if someone needs them they will find them. More so, Psychic fairs invite the average person to test psychics. They go to different ones just to see if they will get the same info….and the gods forbid if they don’t. Two things…..

1. how does the client know which is legitimate if either are?

2. Both readers could be accurate, but are picking up info differently or are on different vibrations so will tap into different things than the previous psychic.

Real psychics are not interested in proving themselves or being tested. They are only interested in the well being of the client. So a fair doesn’t really suit their appetites.

Psychics who are on television or radio are taking a big chance. Opening themselves up to criticism and the chance they may be wrong in front of an audience. These readers know that legitimacy means everything. This is why I make sure people understand that our work is not just to talk to dead people or show pony, but to also empower. Our ability is there to be utilized as just one more tool to help others understand their paths in life.

Most people want a reader to be right. But if something doesn’t make sense or SEEMS inaccurate let them know, a good reader will honour that and look more deeply into why it was given to them that way.

So if your looking for a real psychic then make sure you don’t go to the yellow pages. talk to people, get referrals, find people who are local and out of the way. And if a reader is young that’s ok. They are usually the ones who are the most sincere about wanting to connect to spirit.

Make sure the price is right and they give it to you up front. If you ask for a certain amount of time don’t let anyone charge you for more if they go over. It’s their responsibility to stop and ask if you want to continue. and don’t hang on their every word. Its ok to question what they say so long as your not rude or aggressive. that’s not fair to the reader, remember they are there to help you.

If its a life changing decision remember they are their to guide and empower, but the future is changeable and still in your hands. If you don’t do what the reader says it doesn’t mean you are going to fail, it just means you will reach your goals differently. If a reader tries to “hook” you with “you have a curse your on your head only I can lift” or scares you get up and politely walk out. THAT is NOT our job.

When you leave you should feel good, relaxed and like everything is a bit clearer in your world. Even if something is in turmoil in a life there is always a way to address it. A good reader knows this, and so does spirit. They work together to help you find the best outcome for any situation.

So are psychics legit?……you know my opinion……what’s yours? leave us a comment, we want to hear from you.

Cheers! Angel

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