Perception and the psychic

So many people are interested in the inner workings and mechanics of being a psychic.

Thus comes a series of blogs that will discuss just this topic.

I love the work I do. The intricacies of listening and gathering and Sharong information from spirit is a life long journey, and a skill that is honed each day with each new experience and client.

The one thing I have come to realize is that perception... how people perceive what is being said to them is of the utmost importance. In this realization I now know that it is up to the reader to make sure the client is getting the message crystal clear. I could write chapters on all the misinterpretations that both readers and clients take away from a session because not enough questions are asked by the reader. We do not utilize our team enough.

Everyone has guides, guardians, angels and the like to give us information. Psychics work with them to pass this information on to others. In gathering this info, it is the readers job to make sure this goes well, and leaves the client with answers, solutions and a feeling of empowerment.

Heavy news

If someone walks into my office and I see that they are going to have a heart attack I will not blurt out "omg! I see a heart attack in your future!" clients are apt to keep that statement in their head for years if not their lifetime. It will haunt them waiting for the day that it will happen or may happen. It will colour their lives.

Instead, I will tell them "You may want to consider eating for your heart" now the cautionary note is there, they have a solution to a possible outcome, and they know that this outcome of heart health is being addressed in a healthy positive way.

Solutions are the all. Speak in solutions and you will be forever grateful and fulfilled.

Most people hear the heavy stuff they dwell on it. The good psychic must be able to address the news that may be devestating, however how it is being addressed is what makes the difference between a good reader and a great one.

Literal versus figurative

Sometimes, we as readers get snippets of scenarios that are happening or are to come. They may be literal or they may be symbolic. A black cat in a woman's arms could mean many could mean she has bad luck coming her way....she is or requires black cat medicine to help her in her life...she is a witch and could explore this aspect of herself more...she is now being asked by spirit to connect with her intuition...or she simply loves her black cat and they have a strong and loving connection.

So how does the reader determine what is real and what is not.

1. Asks guides and guardians to give more details, to clarify the vision or information.

2. Lets the client know what is being seen and asks them if it resonates.

Most times the client will understand what is being said. At times tho detective work is necessary. Asking to many questions tho can be considered phishing. It's best when a reader asks questions like "does this make sense" " does this resonate" the client may say yes they may say no. If they say no it doesn't mean the reader is wrong

It means they must ask more questions of spirit to get the answers. This becomes easier with time and experience.

A good reader will know when the information is accurate because the client will validate and confirm it or they can feel it in their body. They begin to know and have faith in what they are being shown and will learn to ask questions that will get to the point.

The client and the reader

Readers are empaths. They feel deeply and acutely. Most people have moments of being able to feel this deeply, readers take it one step further. They take on the personality traits or feelings of those in front of them and can be a mirror for the client to see themselves. We become them to a degree and know how to release these energies as quickly as we take them on.

Readers will fidget like them or laugh like them. If they channel their great uncle Harry we may even begin to use statement that they did. What the client sees is the truest parts of themselves. Psychics begin to give them a new perception of themselves or a loved one, animal or situation through ability to take on and release energy at will.

Readers can show people how others are truly feeling based on connecting to the spirit so deeply and going beyond the words and actions of the conscious mind.


That's what Psychics do. They go beyond the everyday conscious mind experience, the tangible in order to see and reflect the truth for those in front of us. Not so they can prove they are right or spirit is great and all knowing. To help, aid, assist and empower clients to move forward

Into the best most truthful version of themselves

Psychics see how clients truly feel and attempt to shift their perceptions in life. They do not try to change the perceptive, only plant a seed so there is a gentle shift into a new heightened sense of self.

Perception is the all. The clearer we are on our perceptions of the world through our own individual eyes and experiences, the clearer and easier life will become to us.



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