8 keys....

I remember walking one day down to the beach near my home and taking in nature, looking at the stones and knowing that each one held thousands of years of our stories, and that each leaf revealed a knowing with every breeze that would gently move them to dance.

I've come so far since that walk 15 some odd years ago, and I often wonder and imagine what it would be like to go back in time and meet my younger self when I first started out on this journey to be a psychic. What would I say to her?

Ive learned so much from so many gifted mentors and spirits I have encountered. So much that narrowing it down almost seemed impossible. The more I thought, the more I realized it came back time and time again to a few key points.

1. Be silent....

.....Not to meditate. To feel your own body, skin, eyes, breath. Each sound that eminates around you is informing you of what you need to sustain yourself in the next moment. To luxuriate in doing nothing so that you can hear with your spirit what it step is the next. To feel the jumping off point that will propel you the next height on your path, journey and in your life. Do nothings are so very important.

2. Breathe......

.....Although this might seem new agey or overstated on our path, It holds true what some south american shaman teach......Life begins on a breath and ends on a breathe, and everything between is a breathe. When we remember to connect to this aspect of the air element we are connecting mind, body and spirit. When we walk, run, play with our full body we are also bringing into alignment our energy with the energies around us.

3. Focus your intentions......

....Knowing what you want. No amount of magick will come to pass unless we are present and focus with intent that is without distraction. We are a society of generalities. Looking at the big picture of the lives we want to create. Becoming specific in our desires focuses our intent and path along which we will find our contentment and fulfillment on this earth walk.

4. Allow yourself to feel...

....Not only good moments. The horrible moments too. Those moments that define us, help us grow and make us stronger. Taking a moment to walk quietly with memories of the past and allow moments to flow over us knowing that we are safe and that the universe by all its names and faces holds us in its gentle, strong and ever loving hands. Taking the time to stop, witness and feel the veins of a leaf, listen to the laughter of a child, or closing our eyes and baring witness to the business of city life and all of its strength and energy.

5. Be Heart Centred......

and live your truth, whatever that might mean for you. Be gently fearless knowing that there may be things that frighten us that if we move through will help us live our lives to the fullest potential

6. Let it unfold.....

.....rather than forcing or manufacturing an outcome to fit your desire. Creating your desire in your heart and feeling it fully will manifest it in your life.

7. Have fun....

In anything you do. Above all love life! Have fun! be inspired! Do inspiring things each day that make you smile and feel fulfilled. Read a good book, go for a walk, laugh, be silly, do something extreme (ice cream with bailey's counts!) self fulfillment leads to self contentment.

8. Trust....

....That By Gently and quietly sitting with your truth you will breath your intention into a life, and truly feel and know it. It will fully come from a heart centred place that allows your life and the lives of so many around you and after to you to unfold easily and effortlessly to create the best and highest version of yourself. Life is FUN! and each of us has the psychic ability and intuition to co-create this!!!

.....And guess what? These 7 enhancements will automatically lead to the 8th.....trusting the process of life.

The choices we make today, in this moment, will affect generations to come. Like a river flowing, Each child and elder, each outcome from the point of your decision making will be impacted down the line. We are powerful beings. Each cell, each molecule of each person, individual and living thing animate and inanimate. We are good and strong and our hearts are made to beat with each other and for each other. So remember that we are all one, and our strength is in these 7 ways to enhance your psychic abilities and your spirit.



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