How To Handle Your Mother-In-Law

Got your attention didn't I?

How to handle her is the same way we can address anyone in the world. Whether she is the most amazing person, dragon lady or someone you never got a chance to meet there is only one way to deal with those in life that are in it for the long haul.

I could say show love, compassion, empathy. I could say respect and acknowledgement. What I am going to say is breathe.

Not breathe to tolerate, or so you don't lose it in a situation that seems difficult. What if its not difficult? What if its the most amazing day of your life with this person, these people or in a situation? So wonderful you don't know what to do with all the joy you feel.


We come into this life and take our first breath. When we leave this life we take our last. So it stands to reason that everything in between is that too. A breath.

Without it we cannot sustain life. It is as important, if not even more important than water. We can last 2 to 3 days without the clear flowing liquid of the earth. But without air we cannot last even 10 minutes.

There are many types of breathing...yogic, meditative, pre-natal, etc. Each activates our bodies, minds and spirits in very specific ways. However, allowing our bodies to do what it naturally does seems to be the hardest thing to do when we are awake and active.

Why? Because we have stimuli all around us that create all kinds of ways to breath that are not efficient or effortless and stops the flow of energy.

When we are scared we gasp and hold our breath. When we are angry we hold our breath and breath and a shallow fashion.

Did you know that in each of these instances, and in many stressful situations our breath changes because of our imagination? Did you know its the split second images and thoughts in our minds that create the behaviors that lead to disconnected or erratic breathe?

Ok, so what happens if in our most dire moments we choose to stop, feel our feet on the ground, and breath. It may sound new agey, but in finding a new focus it is a physical way of distracting the brain long enough to start a more rhythmic breath.

feeling our feet on the floor allows us to disassociate with the current circumstance and veer in another direction. Im not saying to leave the situation unaddressed. I am saying that this is why it is healthy at times to walk away from a situation, people or person so that you can feel better. Again, I not talking solely about negative experiences. If one is laughing uncontrollably or someone is so happy they cry. A moment to gather oneself may mean stepping away for a walk, placing a hand on a plant or wall, or anything that will bring you back to reality.

The breath is an amazing thing. It clears the mind. There are those who continually have chatter going on. That chatter will cease in moments once the breath is truly activated.

How is this done. Be present. Focus fully on the task at hand or begin one. The physical plane is awesome once we realize it can be fully utilized to help the mind, emotions and spirit and how that can be done.


We are an incredibly physical society. If we cannot use our 5 senses to register our experience we have a hard time accepting and integrating it. In any state of emotion, especially high something physical. This physical act will unite all levels of our being and allow us to breath deeply and be fully present.

If you cannot find something physical to do, find something to look at, take in fully, spend time with......look out the window at the scenery or a tree, rock, whatever might catch your eye. Perhaps close your eyes and imagine what your ideal day looks like, or simply feel your body.

Anything that will bring us back to the present will involve you slowing down to breath. So do it. There are no excuses and the second you say BUT you are making one.

The breath is the most powerful tool we have. It is the key to what our instrument the human mind, body and spirit will look like and how well it functions. In that hands of a master, those who see the breath for what it is and work with it, their life and music will be a myriad of colorful sounds and experiences both in the higher ranges and lower ranges all working together to make an awesome song of life.

To those who ignore the breathe the notes may be in discord, but even then will create a song of their own until the musician learns the notes and begins to write their individual and unique piece.

The true maestros are the children. They play effortlessly. Until they are taught the techniques of the elders who try to change their music to sound more like their own grown up tune.

What does this all mean? We pass on our knowledges to our kids. How to handle lifes experiences day to day. They try with all their might to mimic us, their examples. If we learn to breath and become masters of our own music we will have little energetic mozarts running around everywhere teaching generations to come how to better themselves and the earth. Everything from our homes, interpersonal relationships, to our communities, to the running of our countries, to the international platform will be affected.

All because of the breath. All because what we put out there will come back on the wind. The south americans and many cultures believe what we put out comes back to us in the end. How do we put it out there. On a breath.

Breathe in life, and breathe out experience. Let others learn from you and so too they will teach each other. It all begins on a breath.



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