Inspire, Empower, Realize

INSPIRE others!

EMPOWER yourself!

REALIZE life's potential to the fullest!

2018 is bringing with it our new Raising Energy moto!

This year I am striving to better myself and others. Helping to realize our highest potential and goals in life.

I've decided that getting back to those things that are meaningful for me will allow me to grow and bring more meaning to others in their lives!

Teaching those around me to connect to nature in ways that are outside of what we understand to be "normal" is fun and exciting. Finding ourselves as intuitives or simply using our instincts more efficiently and effectively in our lives though, means going back to the basics. Connecting with self.

How do we do that though? first step......INSPIRE others!

In order to inspire others we must first inspire ourselves.The self work is truly the key to getting that home, love, job or whatever else you are looking for in life. In the old days a good hike or bike ride would inspire us by what we saw and felt in the environment. Writing, drawing, reading a good book or travelling to far off lands were also some ways to be inspired. This still holds true, however not everyone has the time, money or inclination to scale mountains to the temples of tibet or read the a full compilation of Shakespeare plays and sonnets. In this day and age of technology we can find inspiration at our fingertips.

Whether it is through ART, or a talk that someone is giving (TED TALKS is one of my favorites), we can find color and meaning in the most amazing places!

When we feel inspired we tend to want to share those experiences. In the mere telling of the adventure in wonderland with Johnny Depp or the dramatic story of an aging father, mother or aunt who crossed from their old country to their home where they found possibility and abundance. These experiences not only inspire others, they keep us and those sharing our wonders energetically in balance.

The seemingly insignificant things in life are often the most powerful.....

Empowering ourselves is easier than you think.

When we feel inspired we empower others and ourselves. We feel strong and wonderful that we sat down with our 5 year old son or daughter, niece, nephew, or neighbors child to help them learn to tie their shoe lace. Courage to reach out in any circumstance large or small inspires and empowers those involved.

We continually look for the big achievements in life. So many have said I want to make a difference. You are. Each time you inspire another person to learn something new, by telling them a story, going shopping for that new set of headphones or prom dress. You are empowering yourself and in turn realizing life's greatest potential......your own happiness. By giving you are gaining. By reaching out and exploring you are growing and living life to your fullest potential. Each moment you make someone else feel inspired by the smallest act of kindness, generosity, time, affection, conversation, you are realizing life to its fullest potential.

Don't forget it all starts with you inspiring you.

There will be those who disagree and say that only hard work and sweat will get you what you want in life. Many of these people believe sacrifice is what is necessary.

There are also those who say no matter how hard they work they cannot get ahead.

Many, not all, who live this life find that they are unhappy in the areas they are sacrificing. Which diminishes achievements they have worked for. They feel an emptiness that need not be there.

for instance, one can have a successful career and have a family. There are more people out there that are successful in many aspects of life who do not feel they have had to give up the greatest and most meaningful things. Does it mean working late hours? perhaps. It is not a sacrifice though if you have those around you who understand, who are inspired by you and that you inspire. With the right people around you anything is possible. it is all a matter of drawing the right energy to you.

Some say luck is involved with those people who are successful in life. I believe that success comes from within and luck, if there is such a thing is created by us. We are given and co-create the right circumstances for the energy we give out and the vibration we are on.

In finding what inspires us we begin to wake up to the world around us....the color and the beauty of life begins to inform our work and we see things differently. We get new ideas and ways of working that may not only be more efficient, but fulfilling. All of a sudden we spend less time working and more time creating, living,

loving our jobs and others.

We Then inspire others which helps us to feel and be empowered and in turn live a life where we are self realized and actualized and live to our fullest potential in whatever shape we wish that to be.




Happy New Year!


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