Don't Be A Professional Psychic!

being interested in psychic abilities, phenomena, and the energetic world does not mean you are going to end up sitting over a crystal ball, wearing a turban and bangles warning people that old aunt Bessy is going to haunt them for the next 50 years because she saw them eat the last piece of cherry pie when they were

Learning about our psychic abilities is about knowing ourselves better. Not to sound new agey its also about connecting to the earth and her vibrations.

The more tuned in to Gaia, Pacha Mama, Earth Mother or whatever else you wish to call her, the more our circumstances in life will increase.

This does not apply solely to reading people and dead loved ones either. Psyhcic ability is an application that enhances a skill. When we are doing healing work we are using our psychic abilities, being aware and sensitive to our surroundings taps us in too, like when we work with Feng Shui or play with a pendulums or even stopping for a moment to decide whether it better to go left or right at a corner when driving.

Honing our intuition makes us more sensitive to those around us and within situations so that we can better work within them. Those precious seconds that we give ourselves to slow down and listen to how our bodies feel when in a conversation. Listening with our hearts by engaging with our eyes or reaching out to touch someones hands in comfort and true understanding. This is all what can be deemed as psychic ability.

Simply put. When ever we are connecting we are psychic.

Its not difficult. I have been told that to teach classes may create competition. To me there is very little if none. Why, We as individuals all "tap in" differently. There are so many people on the earth, there are not enough readers out there. Not enough people willing to bring the old ways back.

This is my time to share. Share 16 years of knowledge, experience adventure, and journeying to those who are willing and courageous enought to be in the presence of their own spirits.

I say courageous because it is a journey to become even a hobbiest reader, healer or animal communicator. People go deeply within themselves to find those parts that connect purely and freely and sometimes we do not make that easy on ourselves.

I was taught by medicine people that life is as simple or complex as we make it. We love complex! we are such compicated beings in our own eyes. It makes us special as individuals to our minds and egos. We are not. We are simple, loving beings looking for purpose.

Why cant the purpose be? to learn, to live, to connect. Simply that. Why can our purpose not be many things instead of that one elusive holy grail. Why cant our desinties purpose change?

I do believe in predetermination. I also believe in freedom of will. I believe they work hand in hand as do most things in life. I believe we make a contract before we come into this life to be something, experience certain things and how we do that is up to us.......example:

Before I come into this life I make a contract that I will be a singer. What kind is up to me, a jazz singer, rock singer and so on. At some point in life I may decide to use my voice differently and sing the song of the social advocate or become a politician. I am still singing.

We have framework to live within. Finding that frame work becomes easy once you are tuned into your intuition, your body, your spirit.

People think this is difficult and will become a lifestyle and dedication once started. Dedication maybe not so much, it can stay a hobby that you visit with time to time when your spirit needs reminding that you are part of a bigger whole. a lifestyle? sorry, its already happening and has been from before you were born.

We are energetic beings. We are intuitive and use our intution every day without realizing it. The trick is utilizing it well. Like having a hammer and know how to wield it without crushing your thumb (which the best of them do from time to time by the way).

Learning about your intuition does not mean you are going to become a new age hippy or "Fluff Bunny" as we call them. It can be used and is being used right now as you sit there in a practical way. You are right now feeling whether or not this article resonates with you. subconciously you are asking yourself if you buy into what I am saying or is it a load of crock.

Either view is to be respected. how far we all wish to work with our abilities is up to us.

What I am saying is our abilities are there whether we acknowledge them or not. What I am saying is understanding your intuitive self helps you to balance the logical part of who you are.

Logic in extremes is as bad as being a fluff bunny. It balances the mind and the body with the emotions and the spirit.

So, will you become a professional psychic if you begin to open up to your abilities? Maybe, maybe not. Wherever the journey takes you the intent is to connect, to learn and to share in order to make this world a better place to live for ourselves and others.

Its really quite selfish if you think about it. I want a good life. How do I get that? be the best I can be and live to my highest potential. How do I do that? Know myself deeply. What the psychic aspect of you provides is stability and balance required to live a healthy, productive life. In turn our selfish needs help others. What we do affects those we connect with, and in turn they too will touch lives around them.

Its a cycle. So don't become a professional psychic. Become sensitive, intuitive, filled with life and vitality. For you. for others and for the earth.

Inspire, Empower, Realize.



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