A Day In The Life Of A Psychic

I wrote this in late 2017 before moving from our home up north. Its amazing how in 9 months so much has changed. I still have days like this, but now having a partner who is intuitive and son who has grown emotionally and esoterically has truly changed my day. I still have strange but true moments, but they are more grounded and I have someone who can share these experiences with me and keeps me feeling (somewhat) but way more stable and sane ;) .........

May 26, 2017.......

Very few wonder what its like to be a psychic day to day.

Even fewer consider what its like to be an intuitive and have an off day. Whoa! is all I can say.

Dealing with spirits can be a tricky thing. Its like carrying an entourage of people with you wherever you go. They become like white noise, never ceasing, always in the periphery.

A day for us can look average to those on the outside, but when it comes to being an intuitive, it can be quite unique.

5am - wake up "crap, there's an old woman hovering over me.......please go away." ghost removes itself by turning around in mid air and floating obliviously through the ceiling.

515am - waaaaay to much energy from the encounter "Crap."

525 am - ok, let's work. Closes eyes and asks to go into the akasha which should only take about a half hour.

7am - alarm goes off for teen child that must attend school. The psychic realizes she has lost track of time in the other place and has worked for an hour and a half. "Crap."

730am - teenage child has left. Intuitive feels woozy and realizes she never properly came out of the Akasha..........say it with me folks......."Crap!"

740am- feeling like the mouse the cat dragged in. The intuitive heads back to bed to return to the akasha and formally leaves the experience.

falls asleep.

8am - alarm goes off.

815am - start affirmations and set intentions for the day.

9am - phone rings. Assistant/goddess calls to remind intuitive that she has an appointment at the toronto office at 10 am.

9:05am - Intuitive realizes it takes her 1 hour and 10min to get there. Jumps out of bed and with one leg in her pants and trying desperately to call her assistant to get her to call the office and let them know she will be late, Falls over and bangs her head on something or other. (but she's ok)

920 - Out the door and in the car.

925am - begins to talk to the spirits guides guardians and angels to help and assist with her day. (something she possibly should have done early while doing affirmations and I am's)

10:30am - at the office. feeling more centred and grounded and ready to begin. Thanking her lucky stars that she has the best most understanding clients in the world (I actually do this every day)

3-4pm - day is done.

430pm - Blows off steam and shoots some pool.

530pm - Gets into traffic and fights her way home to teenage child who has lovingly decided to make dinner for her (I wish).......Intuitive gets home throws a frozen pizza in the oven and gets ready to go to the movies with teenage child.

545 - Teenage child opts to stay home at the last minute and play video games. Intuitive goes anyway.

830pm - Movie starts. half way through movie a ghosty appears in seat in front of her ( I kid you not). Intuitive is distracted misses 10 minutes of the movie. (probably the best part).

roughly 1030pm - Intuitive goes home to sleep. hops into bed. gets settled in and begins to hear her name quietly being called. or a sound that will consistently wake her up JUST as she is falling asleep.

Finally falls asleep.

5am - ........ The intuitive hears panting........ There is a dog at the foot of her bed.....The intuitive has 2 cats, a snake and a spider.............crap.

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