A New World Emerging

Many think that energy work is a movement or new type of religion trying to convert the unenlightened.

In fact its quite the opposite. Energetics tend to keep to themselves. The portrayal of energy work, magick, the old ways has been, from my perspective, one of a time long gone and belonging to fairy tales and disney movies.

Dismissed in the wake of a more enlightened world embracing technology, energy work is the unseen, the unknown and to some the unprovable.

This is becoming more and more of a fallacy everyday. We now know that quantum physics has proven that thoughts are things. We know that we can attract things to ourselves like magnets, and it can be seen through the lens of scientific fact.

We love the tangible and without facts, without being able to use our 5 senses we are reluctant to accept what we deem is the unacceptable. If it is unseen, it cannot exist.

However, we in the energetic world are not looking for converts. We are looking to keep history alive. our culture and the practices of our elders in our view. We are saying that western mentality and medicine, holistic practices and old ways can work hand in hand. There is no need to forget or bury where many of these practices originally came from.

Honouring our ancestors and the past is the best way to honour what we have today in order to move forward to the future productively and successfully. Without at least acknowledging where we have come from we are limiting where we will go.

Profit and gain in various industries lead many to shun the use of the natural world. It is our greatest challenge as a species to acknowledge and be aware of our environmental allies. When we can admit that our ego is what sees technology and western ways of thinking as the primary way of thinking rather than sharing the spotlight, then we are working at half capacity to bring the world and its inhabitants (plant, animals, and humans) to their fullest potential.

I have a wonderful friend who is a veterinarian. One of her dreams has been to create a facility in which western practitioners and holistic practitioners are under the same roof. She wants an animal communicator and others of the like to support the work she does as a traditional Vet.

Hats off to that.

In some of the more open minded learning institutes we are seeing a new incorporation of education into the medical field. Elements of learning about what naturopathy and homeopathy are, and how they can be applied are being slowly introduced. This creates a well roundedness in our up and coming healers. It is creating a more aware society that can help heal on so many more levels that take us in such a positive direction as a species.

We are also seeing psychiatrists and psychologists who once worked only with the mind and body now recognize that if the spirit and emotions go unacknowledged the path forward in healing is stunted.

The new world of balance is about to emerge.

Energetics are not looking to convert. We are looking to come out of the shadows and walk hand in hand with more main stream ways through knowledge and practice. We look for non-judgement as would any doctor or healer.

The work we do doesn't resonate everyone, . At least look at our elders and say thank you for all that they have founded for us today in so many aspects of our lives. That is truly what we seek. No one is asking that those who don't wish to work on the energetic level be forced to.

Truthfully we only ask that we and the work we do be respected and acknowledged as where we began and given its place today fully for those who wish to use and work with it.

In gratitude the old ones and old ways stay truly alive. Through Acknowledgement it gets stronger as does other societal systems and our species.

Baby steps are getting us there. Little by little the ways of the earth are coming back and sitting in each home and so many conversations. We are seeing even the most staunch of disbelievers perking up an ear to listen to the stories of how old medicines and ways are being used. Its a great time to be alive. Its a great time to be who we are and where we are in our world. We are becoming a more whole society and slowly we can embrace the new era ahead.



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