The Imaginative Child - An Intuitive Perspective.

A child who is a dreamer is fantastic. A child who is a dreamer with good work ethic

is an intuitive who will grow to become a great leader in the the world.

Adults tend to dismiss some experiences of children as imaginary. What if they are? What if they are not? What if all a child is looking for is to be believed.

1. Nurturing a child's imagination is nurturing their intuitive instincts.....

You may have a creative on your hands, a doctor, lawyer, or even a someday parent. All require sharp instincts. We do not hone them enough. Which means we do not hone our creativity enough. They have proven that the left brain is exercised far more than the right brain in our school systems since the industrial age because we were interested in turning out factory workers. This is no longer the case.

Now we are moving towards an era of innovators and entrepreneurs and their greatest guessed it......are their instincts. Which can easily be nurtured and strengthened in childhood with parents who encourage the imagination within the context of reality.

2. If your child says they are seeing something, Ask questions.

If you are unsure that your child is seeing or experiencing something, ask them. It is comforting for a child to know they are supported. Do not encourage or discourage them. Let them know they are in control of the situation and they can stomp their foot if they want that something to go away. If they can't do it, then as a parent you have every right to. Let whatever it is they are experiencing know that you are the big boss and its time to go. It will make the child feel safe. This is key to having a small and happy human, gifted or not.

3. When a child says they are seeing something, they probably are.

Imaginary or not, a child has sight. from the time we enter grade school we are taught to focus. We train ourselves to use our pupils, and the periphery of our eye with which we see energetically slowly gets forgotten. Children also have the openness to accept that there are other realities that exists unlike their adult counterparts who dismiss 90-95% of their surroundings because they are non-tangible.

4. Not every imaginary friend is imaginary.....

Every child watches movies and cartoons and pretends to be a super hero battling imaginary villains. Some children experience trauma and create a safe friend who comforts them and understands them in their fear or loneliness. Then there are those who experience more than the average pooh bear imaginary companion. As a child I had what we all thought was an imaginary friend. Jack was blue and reminded me of Jack Frost who was a childhood hero of mine (hence the name Jack). My life was fairly secure and common. He was always there for me and and was my companion being somewhat of a loner. One day at the age of 6 or 7 I was playing and Jack told me he had to go. I remember saying ok, turning away, then turning back to see that he had gone. it wasn't until I saw a friend many years later who was a healer woman that told me i had a guide that was blue! Chills ran down my arms as the reality that an old friend had returned, or possibly never really left.

5. You can tell if they are seeing something cause the something keeps coming back

When a child talks about something day after day or night after night at the same time or in the same spot consistently , more than likely what they are seeing is real and not a figment of their always active imaginations. If grandma's favourite rocking chair, whom junior never met is the child's favourite place to sit and chat with her......Ladies and gentleman, she's there.

6. Remember this is as new to them as it is to you (in most cases)

Some children are old souls. Some are old souls that don't quite remember they can see or have unique abilities. Some struggle with what they were given in another lifetime. In most instances its newer to the parent than it is to the child. The child doesn't know any better. They haven't been told yet that any of the energetic world is not real. Unicorns exist to them. Who are we to tell them that they don't. Who are we to say that they don't. We have never seen one. So we really can't say one way or another can we. Be gentle with yourself and with them. Don't be frightened. be aware. You and your child are in control. Talk about what happened. If they are too little then take matters into your own hands and go to the place where they are seeing or experiencing when the child is not present. Have a firm chat with whatever is there. No one is witnessing, so no one can call you crazy;)

7. When a child cannot sleep, they may not be dreaming they may be journeying, its why they are consistently tired in the mornings.

Most parents are use to children who do not sleep at night. it is however, not as rare as people think to have a 4,5 or 6 year old who doesn't sleep. These are usually dream walkers. Children who wake up in the middle of the night, toss and turn, can't get comfortable and barely fall asleep. These children do NOT sleep. They are awake 24/7. They bypass dreaming and go straight to what they have done in many lives before, work as healers or warriors in places many of us wouldn't even dare to go. Remember tho, this isn't really scary even if the child perceive it as a night terror. They are doing adult jobs and seeing it from a child's perspective. They are working as healers with the sick, rescuing those in need (I'm so not kidding) and going through tests and training. This is who they are, and how they are made. What can you do is help them.

A. buy some Amethyst, Jet and smokey quartz

B. Put them in a little bag and put it by or above thier beds.

the amethyst protects, the Jet clears and cleanses, and the smokey quartz helps the tummy aches which come from their spirits leaving their bodies and then crash landing back in the morning when they wake. The energetic chord that ties the body and the spirit together is connected at the belly button (Fun fact: ......In South America the call the belly button the Cuzco and believe that Peru is the that for the earth.)

These are things you can work with as your child grows up that will also nurture a loving relationship with you. Openness and the willingness to know that they will not be judged and free to be who they really are and are meant to be is the key.

So I reiterate what I started with.....

.......A child who is a dreamer is fantastic. A child who is a dreamer with good work ethic is an intuitive who will grow to become a leader in the the world.

Cheers Everyone!


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