Being positive is not what you think it is!

I have found through various new people in my life that in order to truly be positive we have acknowledge what's really going on. This does not mean that those of us who have made rose coloured glasses our trade mark have to stomp all over them and give back our memberships to the positive penny club! No sir! It means we need to acknowledge our feelings around whatever situation we are in so that we can take a deep breathe, listen to our truth and not bury it. In honouring ourselves we then find the solution, or create room for the solution to find us.  

If we have little money, its healthy to say "This really sucks, and Im in a bad spot." acknowledging that statement leaves room for "ok, so what am I going to do about it?" then the questions and the internal dialogue can begin. Until then, there is only the harbouring of unhealthy thoughts that lead to unhealthy actions. 

When we do not acknowledge how we feel we begin to create stress in our bodies. We cause our own tension, which can lead to illness. Simply acknowledging how we feel in any given circumstance truthfully releases us from the burden of "we have done something wrong, we are going to get in trouble and I feel helpless." and turns it into "This is a problem and I am willing to solve it."

Ever have a really good cry then feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders?

Those are the times when the spirit puts down its foot and says "Enough!" You are going to acknowledge what is going on whether you want to or not. What I am saying is , why let it get to that point.  Acknowledge how you feel as it is happening, or right after and let the resolution and solution come to you.

It takes courage and integrity to own your feelings, good and bad. It takes time to sift through emotions to get to core issue that cause our seeming woes. However, once we take journey of allowing ourselves to be insightful, all the stress and tensions tend to release and we can feel joy again. 

One of the issues of being positive is we try to manufacture an outcome. We try desperately to project happiness hoping it will manifest the desired outcome. It won't. Unless it is your truth, your just faking it. Until you acknowledge how you really feel and what your circumstances are there is no real positivity and it can back fire creating endless amounts of chaos in a life.

We try to control circumstances in order to make it "Better" or "stay in control". The second I hear someone say they have it under control I worry. Do they? or are they saying that because they don't want to acknowledge the truth of the matter. Someone who has it under control will take the actions necessary before they get to the point where they would need to make such a statement.

Staying positive is the act of acknowledgement. In clearing out the clutter by stating your truth...good, bad and ugly gently we are creating room for answers and inspirations.

Surrounding yourself with those you admire and want to be like is also a great way of staying positive. Mentors, friends and family who share values, ways of thinking and ways of life make good and perceived bad times so much better and easier. 

Life is beautiful and I am unwilling to give up my membership to the positive penny club. Absolutely not! Not happening! I am however learning to be more real and balanced. I still sing in the morning, but when my son expresses his displeasure at my snow white like songs, I allow my heart to sink a little for a moment. Then I take a breath and begin my second verse of "Good morning Starshine" (sometimes I will even put my lovely boys name in there instead LOL)

I Still wear my rose colour glasses. However, now Im willing to take them off and see all the colours that go beyond it as well. It makes me happy, and I actually feel more whole and rounded as a person. We are meant to feel a myriad of emotional flavours throughout our lives. I believe in taking a taste of many in my time here and savouring them as an experience that delights the senses.  It is an amazing journey when we re-birth ourselves. It is an amazing journey to understand in allowing ourselves to grow how we touch others too. and how we better the lives of all we come into contact with. 

Until Next Time, 

Acknowledge, Feel, be inspired. 

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