My Heroes

My heroes are the people that I love to be around....and some of the ones I don’t. The ones who have challenged me to face who I really am. I am grateful to those people who have encouraged me and discouraged me so I could keep moving forward through struggle to become a better person, teacher, speaker, mom, partner, psychic and so much more. My heroes are those who have gone before me, my ancestors and mentors, even people of note from the annals of history whose stories inspire me. Whose spirits I feel, that guide me in moments of triumph and failure. Their voices pick me up and tell me I am more than even I know and not to forget who I am, was and will become. My heroes are the every day people who remember to do small acts of kindness, who work hard and have integrity, and the old ones who have simple, quiet wisdom that they share each day. These are my heroes. The ones I strive to be like in this lifetime. Who are your heroes? Strive to be like them in your own unique way drawing on the best qualities of each to define what kind of hero you will be.

Cheers! Angel




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