Distance House and Business Clearing

Distance House and Business Clearing

Cleansings and clearings are favourable in many cultures.


Over time energy accumulates and becomes different in each area of a home. In order to maintain balance and harmony for any family or living situation it is suggested that a house clearing be done every year to two years. 


When Angel comes in she works with sage and other herbs to create a calm, relaxed and protected environment for any home.


She teaches those who wish to learn the techniques she is using so they can maintain and manage their own household equilibrium after she leaves. 


For business she will clear and cleanse with sage, herbs or energetically from a distance depending on the size of the facility. She will also look at the Feng Shui of your location to make sure it is in harmony and conducive to bringing clients in. 


This two hour session in which Angel will work on 3 levels.


*She cleanses and clears it cleanses and clears the homes and businesses of any spirits or residual energies of previous owners.


*Sits with the family or owners to set intentions for the home (what do you want the home to feel like and bring in ex. money, love, comfort, untiy ets. 


*Sets protections over the home and business to keep the family and facilities secure. 


House clearings are fantastic before the sale of any home or business, once a new home or business is bought and moved into, after an illness or death, or simply to raise the energy of the space and create more happiness and harmony and abundance.  




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