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Beyond the veil
Live Event

Get ready for an unforgettable evening at the Factory Theatre, as Angel makes her debut appearance live on stage!

Join us for a heart-warming, fun-filled, and fast-paced theatrical event, where Angel will connect with angels, guides, and bring through messages and guidance that will leave you in awe. This is not just any ordinary show, but a unique experience that you won't want to miss!

So, mark your calendars and come witness the magic and wonder that Angel has in store for you. Get ready to be amazed, inspired, and uplifted in a night you'll never forget!


Shadow on Concrete Wall

Welcome to my World


Compassionate, loving and empowering, Angel Morgan is a renowned clairvoyant, animal communicator, and medium with 24 years of experience. She has been recognized in various media outlets and hosts her own television show on Rogers TV. Her work has been featured in publications such as the Toronto Star and Sun, as well as several animal-focused magazines. Angel is proud to have her own animal communications column, through which she shares her insights and knowledge with others.

Angel's expertise has been honed through training with medicine people from all over the world. She strives to bring clarity and understanding to those seeking a deeper connection with the world around them. As an animal communicator, Angel helps animals and their owners achieve greater harmony. As a medium, she helps people find peace and closure after the loss of a loved one.

Throughout her life, Angel has dedicated herself to the study and practice of her gifts, always striving to deepen her understanding and hone her skills. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Angel Morgan is a respected and sought-after figure in her field.

Feature Service

This comprehensive wellness package is designed to help you connect with your true self and reach your highest potential. It includes a 45-minute personal reading, which provides insight into your current situation and where you're headed in life.

The next level of your growth is a powerful Akashic Records reading, which delves deep into your past lives, connections, and core issues that need healing. This reading can also address contracts that can be changed, all in one sitting.

Once you're in alignment, the final step of this virtual journey is the Tree of Life reading. This reading reveals personal symbols that weave together to create a detailed picture of who you are and what you're meant to be. It sheds light on your life's purpose and how to achieve it. It marks the completion of a cycle and the start of an exciting new journey!

Personal Reading
Akashic Records Reading
Tree Of Life Reading