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Psychic, Animal Communicator, medium and energetic expert  Angel Morgan, is highly sought after for her years of experience, compassion, and accuracy. She connects deeply to all those of the light for private clients and audiences around the world. 


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May 2022

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We all have questions...

The answers are there for us to know. There are no secrets in the universe, all we need is the courage to ask the questions.

Compassion, empowerment, closure and fun is what spirit and psychic readings bring. 

Being able to connect to our higher selves, loved ones, spirits, angels and any of those who come from the light helps us know what our next steps are, and that we are never alone.



What Angel Offers...


...Office, at home, or a virtual environment for people and pets, that is relaxed, comfortable, and easy.

During COVID, Appointments will only be done virtually via Phone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, FB messenger,

and Instagram.

As accurate as in-office readings...

...Virtual sessions are offered to both local

and international clients who wish to read from the comfort

of their own home or accommodate a busy lifestyle.

Whether it is your first time sitting with a reader, or something that you do on a regular or yearly basis, readings with Angel will encourage a better understanding of any situation, give validation, confirmation, and direction.

Your booking experience...

...Is simple. Our online booking gives you options for date, time, and form of payment. We try to get our clients

in as soon as possible

Once open to the public, In-office sessions with Angel are done at her space in Toronto.  Easily accessible with a safe, private atmosphere creatinga warm, memorable, and inspiring experience.

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Angel loves her animals...

... And is there to give a voice to any and all species.


In times of transition, the utmost compassion and care are required. Angel is well versed in working with veterinarians, trainers, families, and pet pal siblings who are grieving during these times. 

Animal communications can also be transformational for any animal who is working. Racehorses, compassion animals, farm animals, service animals, and rescues, whether coming from a shelter or reserve Angel's love and care will help maintain the health and well-being of any animal.   

Angel's experiences are well documented in articles and on social media. Her animal service work has been rewarding and continues to enrich the lives of all those around her both human and animal. 

You can also check out our sister site dedicated solely to animals! angelmorganpetpsychic.com

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I like that she felt something from me right off the top of the reading without me speaking. She is very intuitive and easy to speak to. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, ready to receive your message. It was a very good experience for me.

~ Ann Liota

Ancastor, ON

Carol Nemeroff and Liam Harrison

Fredricton, Canada

This was an outstanding session in all respects. We will book with you again, and refer everyone we know to you.

~ Angela Himmeroder,

Midland, ON

"I would highly recommend anyone that has lost a furry family member to see Angel."


In People, Places,
and Pets