Angel is unique in the media. Having been in film, television and theatre as an actor/producer, she has the unique combination of being an esoteric who is sensitive and knowledgable as a creative.


She is now available for any production as an on

set expert in the occult and horror film genre,

helping creatives to bring more depth and authenticity

to characters, scripts, and set designs.


Having studied the esoteric arts for more than three decades, angel considers herself knowledgeable in everything from high majick to monster lore and movie history.


She has been called a walking

book of the esoteric and 

occult arts. Her friends joke she

is a less stuffy version of

the occult expert,

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

from the popular 90's show



     Having been a film

buff since childhood with

a fascination with New Orleans,

witches, vampyres, and

psychological thrillers. 

she would make a 

fun and valuable asset

to any film,

or television series. 

Angel is also culturally sensitive. She has worked with medicine people all over the world to learn their stories and mythologies. She has many contacts that are readily available to aid in the work that is continually presented to her.


Respecting cultural mythos and brings not only authenticity, but educates and intrigues audiences to delve deeper into whatever project she is working on. 


In People, Places, and Pets