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About Angel

Angel is internationally renown for her ability to facilitate for families privately or through media and for companies across the world as a psychic, medium,

animal communicator and energetic expert.


For 18+ years she has shared the teachings of many cultures through her intuitive work, and has helped people from all walks of life to find closure, connect with loved ones who have crossed over, speak to animals, and create an effortless path to unconditional self awareness, truth and love.


Her intentions are always for the best and highest good of all those she reads. This is apparent in the passion Angel has for her work, and her relatable, fun, loving nature when she brings through spirits of light to assist her. This natural ability to live in joy has made her the person that everyone loves to be around and enriches each session she has with clients.



What makes Angel different from other psychics?


Her ability to allow those who are living to come through in readings is one. Dead or alive, Angel can connect to their spirits in order to help guide and heal. She also has the rare and uncanny ability to speak to animals as easily as she speaks with other spirits, and works as a healer who has trained under medicine people from Peru, Africa and those of the first Nations Canada.


Some of her work includes Condor feather healing, Animal Reiki, house clearings, and Fire Ceremony. She has been through many high ceremonies like the Peruvian Karpi to help her open up more freely to universal energies.


These trainings and experiences have made Angel different than most readers in the way she addresses individuals and audiences alike. She is a healer first and uses her intuition and psychic ability to lead people to their most authentic selves. She guides them to learning  about their full story's... past, present and future. Her teachings enable those seeking to evolve and grow to live their truth... sometimes for the first time.


She connects cultures. For the last 15 years she has worked with, and has been trained and guided by Peruvian shaman, native aboriginal elders, and mentors from Africa in the energetic healing arts. Having worked with many different medicine men and women, Angel strives to bring their stories and traditions to a new time and generation. By helping to resurrect the teachings of elders and their simpler ways of connecting to the earth and each other, she believes our legacy will be a new generation of children filled with strength, creativity and true spiritual connection.




Thanks to her regular appearances with Newstalk 1010 for 7 years, her television show Raising Energy on Rogers tv, and her online presence in social media, Angel has become a well know household name in many areas of North America. 


With a natural affection towards being in front of audiences and an amazing ability to connect people with their dynamic selves,  she inspires people all over the world. She works globally in her chosen profession, and has an extensive background in media.  

Angel also works behind the scenes as a consultant in the horror genre helping actors, directors, writers and designers deepen their knowledge and help to bring authenticity to film and television projects. 

She also writes for Opal Rising Magazine as the "Dear Abby" of the animal world with Angel's animal corner. She taps in monthly to answer questions that readers have written in with about their pet pal family members!




Angel LOVES HER ANIMALS! Ever since she was a child she has been talking to all forms animal friends, scaly, feathered and four legged. She sees herself as an ambassador to the the animal kingdom and loves this part of her job best! 


She knows that she is immensely blessed to be able to feel their energy, speak with them,  and communicate their needs, wants and desires in order to better their lives in whatever capacity is necessary. 


This Animal intuitive feels it is vitally important to reconnect humans with their animal counterparts. On the level of household friends, and as a whole. This bridge between us, is our connection to the primal parts of who we are. Through the appreciation of jungle, forest, water and mountain creatures we allow ourselves to be taught by these loving beasts. We make them our best teachers, guides and friends, and will keep our society thriving. Angel feels that in knowing how to work with our natural animal natures in everyday life,  we begin to more deeply know our truths as individuals and as a global community.

She also writes for Opal Rising Magazine as the "Dear Abby" of the animal world with Angel's animal corner. She taps in monthly to answer questions that readers have written in with about their pet pal family members!

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