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About Angel

Angel is a renowned psychic, medium, and animal communicator celebrated for her 25-year journey. With global acclaim, she connects with loved ones passed, communicates with animals, and taps into spiritual guides both onstage and through private sessions. Through her gifts, she brings closure and fosters self-awareness and love. Angel uses her platform to share teachings from diverse cultures encountered on her adventures, enriching lives with wisdom and compassion.

As a facilitator for families privately or through media and for companies across the world, Angel is highly sought after for her unique and unparalleled approach. She is known for her unwavering dedication to always act in the best interest of her clients, and her passion for her work shines through in every session she has.

Angel's clients appreciate her relatable, fun-loving nature and her ability to bring through spirits of light to assist her. Her natural ability to live in joy has made her the person that everyone loves to be around, and enriches each session she has with clients.

With Angel by your side, you can trust that you're in good hands. Her expertise, contagious positive energy, and heart-centered approach make her the perfect guide to help you connect with the spiritual realm and find inner peace.

Angel's History

What makes Angel truly different and sets her apart from other readers, is her ability to connect with both the living and the deceased, helping to guide and heal those in need.

With extensive training under medicine people from a variety of cultures, Angel is a gifted healer who offers a range of services including Condor feather healing, Animal Reiki, house clearings, and Fire Ceremony. She has participated in high ceremonies like the Peruvian Karpi, which have helped her open up more freely to universal energies.

Angel's approach to readings is grounded in her role as a healer, using her intuition and psychic abilities to lead individuals to their most authentic selves. Her teachings enable people to discover their full story, including past, present, and future, and to evolve and grow in a way that aligns with their truth.

One of Angel's greatest gifts is her ability to connect cultures, which she has cultivated through her work with and training by many different medicine men and women over the last 15 years. She strives to bring their stories and traditions to a new generation, helping to resurrect the teachings of elders and their simpler ways of connecting to the earth and each other. Through this work, she believes that we can create a legacy of strength, creativity, and true spiritual connection for generations to come.




Angel has made a name for herself both on the screen and on stage, as well as on the airwaves. Her regular appearances on Newstalk 1010 for 7 years, her TV show Raising Energy on Rogers tv, and her engaging presence on social media have made her a well-known household name throughout North America.

With a natural affinity for being in front of audiences and a unique ability to help people connect with their dynamic selves, Angel inspires people all over the world. She is a global player in her chosen profession, and has an extensive background in media.

In addition to her public appearances, Angel also works behind the scenes as a production consultant in the horror genre, offering her expertise to actors, directors, writers, and designers to help bring authenticity to film and television projects.


Angel's passion for animals is reflected in her work as a writer for Opal Rising Magazine, where she serves as the "Dear Abby" of the animal world with her column, Angel's Animal Corner. Each month, she taps into her intuitive abilities to answer readers' questions about their beloved pets.

In all of her endeavours, Angel's genuine love for people and animals shines through, making her a sought-after expert and a trusted source of guidance and inspiration.



Angel's love for animals began in childhood when she discovered her ability to communicate with all kinds of animal friends, from scaly reptiles to feathered birds and four-legged companions. As an animal psychic, she sees herself as an ambassador to the animal kingdom and finds it to be the most fulfilling aspect of her work.

Angel considers herself blessed to feel their energy and be able to understand their needs, wants, and desires, which she communicates to better their lives. As an animal intuitive, she believes it is crucial to reconnect humans with their animal counterparts, both as individual companions and as a vital part of the natural world. By learning from animals in jungles, forests, waters, and mountains, we allow ourselves to be taught by these loving creatures, making them our best teachers, guides, and friends.

In addition to her work as an animal psychic, Angel also shares her expertise as a writer for Opal Rising Magazine. Her monthly column, Angel's Animal Corner, is a beloved feature of the publication, where she answers readers' questions about their beloved pets and offers insights into their animal companions' behaviour and needs.

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