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This is a place people can find healing techniques they can use for themselves. 

Please feel free to copy, share and post them. As they are meant for as many people work with as humanly possible. 

Any of these can be used with animals as well. 



Cleansing, Clearing technique.....

I love this technique. Its quick and simple can be done anywhere, at anytime.

A great technique is to place your hands in prayer position and say 3 times..


I invoke the light of the god within, I am a clear and perfect channel, light is its guide.

I invoke the light of the goddess within, I am a clear and perfect channel, light is its guide.

I invoke the light of the creator within, I am  a clear and perfect channel, light is its guide.

Then blow on that object


if it is another person or pet you are clearing with this statement visualize yourself holding their hand and  Instead of the word “I” you can use or he/she.


If you do not wish to use goddess or great creator or even god, then use what works for you. I was taught this clearing using god in each statement. It is always your choice and your intent.


Other ways to utilize this clearing and cleansing


* Hold objects in your hand or place hands over object. (great before bringing antiques into your home)

* Place hands over animal or animals enclosure or envision animal (it may not be with you.)

* Envision one who is deceased (human or animal) place your hands on them in the vision and speak these words. 


Living Protection (great for empaths!)


This is unlike any protection you will find. It is what I call a living protection and is not placed on you, but comes alive from within you. It is a two way protection that was given from the purest of places. Enjoy. 

I do this one every morning. You can set it. in other words


I like simple, and this is the one I use the most and I find most potent.


  1. Allow a vision to come to you that encompasses you in a bubble. It can be anything and can change each time you do it.

  2. Once the bubble is in place speak these words in your heart “keep out all the bad and let in all the good.” this will act as a two way protection so you will know when things come at you that you perceive as negative that they are in fact a positive because you have your “shields” up.

  3. Then take a big breath in, and blowing out your mouth see the vision activate in whatever way it wants too. You are not controlling this, it is a living thing that is working with you, so how it activates will be up to it and it too can change each time. It can light up, solidify, etc. Don't judge it have fun with it.

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