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Angel Morgan believes there is something to learn in every message that is received, every teaching that is shared.


Through Angel's unique abilities so many will be touched and changed in empowering and inspiring ways that have not been experienced before.




In The past many mediums have connected with the dead. Bringing through messages from loved ones who have crossed over is only one of Angel's unique talents. She is also very much a Mrs. Doolittle. She loves her animals and has an amazing, compassionate and fun way of conversing with all creatures great and small. She can also receives messages from angels, ancestors, guides, guardians and whom ever else of the light would like to participate in the true.


She shares teachings and knowledges from the many different cultures in a dynamic, refreshing, fun, fast paced and empowering way,

Angel truly believes that we are all intuitive. To what level and degree depends on our willingness to be open, acknowledge, and explore beyond what we think we know in our lives.


Her experiences with audiences have been documented in articles and testimonials as well as witnessed live on stage, screen and radio over her 20+ year career as a psychic and media host.



As a child Angel had many unique psychic experiences. Although her abilities followed her throughout her life it wasn't until she began to explore the outdoors through mountain biking and skiing in Whistler, Canada that her connection to nature and the psychic world became more intense and profound.  

Truly fortunate in her journey, teachers began to present themselves in way of Reiki and Feng shui masters who were leaders in their field. She worked for nine years to hone her skills with medicine people of Peru, North America and now in Africa to understand cultural ways of reading, connecting, healing and doing deep removal workHaving studied the ancient histories and folklores of many countries around the world, Angel now expand ing her sights in to film consulting to help creatives deepen the authenticity of their projects.


In 2014 Angel was afforded the opportunity to perform for the first time as a psychic at the Stephen Leacock theatre in Georgina, Ontario to a live audience of 300 people. From there she was invited to talk to Station Manager,  Jim Anderson, of Rogers tv Georgina who gave her the opportunity to host her own show, Raising Energy on Rogers TV. In 2022 she had her second show with Rogers tv "Raising Energy Round Table"


That same year she was invited to be a recurring guest on the Night Side with Newstalk 1010 where she is still making live monthly appearances as Angel, the psychic. 

2023 now sees Angel writing her second book "50 quotes, tips, and psychic techniques", the companion to her 2022 release "My psychic journal"








Angel is pleased to have been chosen as the 2020-2022 official animal communicator at Woofstock, empowering speaker at various International Woman's day events, and loves to share the teachings of medicine people around the world.

Her 20 plus years in various genres of media give her the tools to bring messages to the masses in ways that are relatable, caring, compassionate, unique and fun. Something Angel would like to offer clients around the world through her collaboration with organizations like yours. 

She has also been the official animal communicator for the Canadian Pet Expo, and is proud after 7 seasons to continue working and creating with her Rogers tv and Newstalk 1010 family.

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  • Rogers TV

  • Newstalk 1010

  • Global Pet Foods

  • Woofstock

  • Girl Guides of Canada

  • International School of Feng Shui

  • Snowflakes and Memories (for Alzhiemer)

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Past Appearances and affiliations

  • Sirius Radio

  • Stoufville Radio

  • TCN (The Caribbean network)

  • Official Animal Communicator -           The Canadian Pet Expo

  • Official Animal Communicator - Woofstock

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