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Come join Angel at any of our three locations where your psychic reading will be safe, private and spirit led. Angel connects to guides, Guardians, angels, ancestors, and those crossed over to help clients find Closure, Guidance, Healing and movement forward. Bring questions or just your curiosity about any aspect of life...relationships, business, family, pets, and whatever is on your heart. 

Our funky new temp space makes everyone feel comfortble and safe, yet has an upbeat and energetic vibe!

This is our latest addition, and our home until

July 1, 2024

Office 146



connected by the underground tunnels, many clients will have a reading and then go for lunch, dinner or a walk through Toronto's Eaton's centre. Easily accessible by transit, subway, car, or bike. 


For those who wish to experience the authenticity of this world in a whole other way!

 Coming in 2024!

New Orleans

French Quarter

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 4.36.31 PM.png

For those of us who like the atmosphere to be a little bit more on the side of ghostly and fun,

The Hedgewitch is the place for you to get your reading done! Accessible by car. Please call the store to book. 




A cozy atmosphere easily accessible by transit or car. Lots of parking and easy to find.


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