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Animal Communications

December 10,
3pm EST

December 17, 2023
3pm EST

This is the advanced level that is complimentary to level 1. In this class wild life and advanced animal communication techniques will be taught.  Level 1 required.


Three Cats Playing

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This package includes Animal Communications level 1 and 2 as well as Healing the animal world. Classes will be held monthly or bi-monthly to give participants a chance to practice and integrate knowledge and experience. 



Healing the
animal kingdom

Saturday January 14, 3
pm EST

Learn healing techniques you can use as soon as you leave classroom. This class will introduce participants to several modalities. . No experience necessary



Solstice Ritual
and Ceremonies

these ceremonies are held twice a year. June 21 and December 21. 

These are times of manifestation and majick that will change your life. Ceremonies to bring harmony, peace, and prosperity into your life. 



In People, Places, and Pets