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Episode 1 - Pilot....Living A Feel Lifestyles

Messages from an Angel


Messages from an Angel is an informative lifestyle show based on living life well energetically.  It caters to those who wish to learn more about empowerment, intuition, and how energy work that can be applied to our daily lives. Our show is fun and fast-paced and focuses on guests and call-in segments. This show is unscripted and has the feel of sitting down with your friends for a coffee at a coffee house and having a great chat about life, love, and in our case anything energetic! viewers can find us on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, PERISCOPE and other digital television platforms including Angel's website


Our Show Host 

Host Angel Morgan is joyful and loves to laugh with her guests and callers as she creates an atmosphere of comfort, friendship, and fun. 


Her goal in life is to empower, inspire and help people realize their fullest energetic potential in life. She believes that living a feel lifestyle helps everyone. 


With many years of experience in television and live forums Angel has worked and still works as a radio personality and talk show host with various stations like Stouville Radio, Rogers TV and on Newstalk 1010.

Angel is excited to be a part of this new TCN family and hopes to grow with them and reach many people to help empower and inspire!


Messages with an Angel airs from 12-1pm each Thursday afternoon EST. You can also listen to our show live and also can view it at any time through

Our Show Focus

  • Living a Feel Lifestyle By bringing new and unique perspectives on the topic of energy, energy work, and energetic living our main focus is to help audiences learn that intuition is a natural part of who we are and can be utilized by us in our everyday life 

  • Energy Work Helping audiences and viewers become familiar with different forms of energy work.

  • Sharing Stories Sharing stories belonging to people from every walk of life that are inspiring and empowering in order to transform lives

  • Dispelling Myths Giving the real story and information behind what really goes on in the life of those who choose to live energetically


Messages from an Angel reaches the masses on a weekly basis and creates a connection between people by sharing unique views on energy, energy work and living a highly energetic lifestyle. We are here to bring inspiration and empowerment by sharing information in a unique and uplifting way to audiences everywhere. 





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